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Open Minds

Open Minds - Susan Kaye Quinn *** 2.5 Stars ***

I find it difficult to rate this book.

The basis of the story is interesting. It is set in a world where everybody has developed an ability to mind-read, and this kicks in while they are teenagers. The very few that never develops the skill are the odd ones out and are thought to not be trust-worthy. They are often referred to as "Zeros".
I found this to be a very interesting concept, though it poses quite a few questions on how people manage to live with not having any privacy - ever!

The characters feels a little shallow in my opinion. And of course there is the 'obligatory' love-triangle. Though to anyone (except the main character it seems) the choice would be easy as there is clearly a 'nice guy' and a 'bad guy'.

There are a few places in the book that are (to me at least) not logical. The way the main character acts doesn't always make sense to me, but then she is a teenager, so maybe that's why?

I listened to the audio version of the book, and the narrator is ok. She feels a little monotone at times, but it doesn't feel like it ruined the book in any way.

All in all an ok read, I'm not sure I will be spending my money on purchasing the rest of the series though.