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The Three

The Three - Sarah Lotz Before starting this book I read the blurb. It seemed really interesting! Plane crashes, creepy kids... sounds like a great recipe for a book, right?!

Unfortunately, for me, it just did not deliver...
First of all it was the way the book was written. It is a 'collection' of interviews, articles, internet conversations and so on.
Now, I can see why it was done like that. It is not a very common way to write, and it lets you see the story from a lot of different points of view.
For me it got a little confusing trying to keep all the different people apart. And the style of writing just isn't for me I guess. I didn't feel immersed in the story.

And, speaking of the story, I feel that it didn't live up to my expectations. The idea behind it was great. But somewhere it got.. lost. And I did not like the ending. I generally don't like 'open' endings. I want to get the answers, the conclusion to the story. I don't want to guess, analyze every page in the book, trying to figure it out.I actually prefer a bad ending to no ending...

It wasn't all bad though! I did finish it, that must count for something, right? It was interesting enough to make me keep reading.
And the kids were a little creepy. A little.

All in all an ok read. If you think the blurb sounds interesting you might want to give it a go, hopefully you will like it more then me!