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Transcendent Tales - Volume Two

Transcendent Tales - Volume Two - Adam Train I received a free copy of this book (and The Treaty of Nine part I) from the author in exchange for a honest review

* 3.5 Stars *

Individual reviews and short summary:

Final Tide - 2.5 Stars
This story is set in Atlantis, and describes what happened to the island.
It is really well written. Why only 2.5 stars then, you might ask?
The only reason is that this one of my favorite genres, it kinda seems like a history lesson to me. Which one one hand is a great way to tell the story of Atlantis. But for me it just makes it a little less interesting.
Still enjoyed the read though!

High-Side - 5 Stars
I love this story!
It is set in an dystopian future, where a delivery man gets a high-risk mission. I don't want to say too much, as I don't want to ruin the story if you want to read it. (And you definitely should read it.)
The characters are amazing. The story is great. My only complaint is that the story isn't longer, I need more!!
Easily one of the best short stories I have ever read!

The Legends of Skoll - 3.5 Stars
This story starts with a young boy that is looking for help to save his village from the Wildman. He asks a couple of mercenaries to help out in exchange for gold. They agree to help, but everything might not be quite as it seems...
I enjoyed this story a lot, I particularly liked the ending.

Prisoner of Hakai - 3 Stars
This story is about a prisoner awaiting his execution in a world ruled by an alien race.
I though it was a very good story, made me want to read more about this evil (?) alien race - the Hakai.

War Chief part I - 3 Stars
The War Chief Khan gets abducted by an evil and alien creature. But he manages to escape, landing on a foreign planet. Here he meets a tribe of female, green-skinned warriors.
I thought the story was great, but as the title says, it's only part one of a story. I think it was still a good read, but I wanted more to happen... But I'm sure it will in part 2! :)

Mystery of Grey Rock Canyon - 3 Stars
This story takes place in the future and is about an (alien) adventurer that collects relics.
I thought this was a really good story. It was a little short though, I would have loved to read more!

The Treaty of Nine part II - 2.5 Stars
The story continues from part I, it is set in Mars in the future where alien races struggles with humans for ownership of habitable planets.
I liked the setting for the story, and the idea behind it. Personally I don't like to read parts of stories, I am way too impatient and having to wait to see what happens next just doesn't work for me. Other then that it is a good story!


I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys sci-fi. The stories are very different, and you are pretty much guaranteed to find at least one you'll love! For me that was High-Side, I just loved everything about this story, except that I want to hear more!