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Devil Glass

Devil Glass - C. Robert Cales I'm not sure what it is about this book that I don't like, I just know I don't.
I only read the first half before I had to give up. I think part of my problem is the jumping between characters in a way that I was struggling to figure out who I was reading about. This ruined the flow of the story for me.
The story itself was ok, but having reached 50% nothing really scary had happened yet. The only thing 'abnormal' so far was that they found a large crystal that looked like a mirror with scary frame that has lots of carved faces on it. This seems to be some sort of portal to a different reality filled with scary creatures. But although I want to see what happens (maybe the second half of the book is really exciting?) I just can't read any more. Maybe I will finish it at some point and I will edit this review, but for now I've had enough.