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Wallbanger  - Alice Clayton This book started out really good! It was funny! The interaction between Simon and Caroline was interesting and made me look forward to reading more to see what happens next! So why the one star rating you ask?

Well, after reading about 1/3 of the book it just goes bad. And then it goes from bad to worse.

Caroline gets annoying and a little whiny. She has 'internal conversations' with herself that get more and more silly and strange.

And the sexual tension... *sigh* (and not a good sigh!). I mean, some sexual tension in a book like this can be fun or interesting, but here its just.. so... much... the whole book is soaked through with it... and its just unbearable. It made me want to scream at the book: "Just get on with it already!!"

This book had me rolling my eyes towards the end. I have never actually physically rolled my eyes while reading before. I managed to finish it, but I kinda wish I hadn't bothered.