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Bay's End

Bay's End - Edward Lorn Warning: This review will have some spoilers (which will be hidden in spoiler tags)

This book wasn't anything like I expected when I started reading it. And I will admit that is primarily my own fault. I should have read the blurb again maybe. And read some reviews. I probably would never have started reading it, or even downloaded it, if I had known what it was going to be like.

I know pretty much every other reviewer here has rated the book really high, so I guess I will be the odd one out... But i'm ok with that, it's my review and I can only write what I thought of it. So here it goes:

Now, I have read a lot of horror. And it normally takes a lot to gross me out. This book did, but not in a good way... And I realize that it comes with a warning: "Warning: Contains graphic language and adult situations." I still wasn't prepared for what would happen in this book. If you're wondering what could be so bad, here is the spoiler: Incest and forcefully performing an abortion on a teenager was waaay beyond my comfort level. In fact I very nearly did not finish it at all.

Also I had a bit of a *facepalm* moment when the police woman takes the two teenagers to investigate a potential crime scene when the murderer is very likely to turn up. That doesn't seem like anything a sensible person would do?

So that's my rant over. Now to more pleasant things. There were good sides to this book. I really enjoyed the first half. It was well written with good characters.

So yea, it was a horror. But instead of being entertained I'm left with a feeling of disgust and anger. This one was unfortunately not for me.