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314 - A.R. Wise If you like to read horrors with a lot of gore, this is the one for you!
If you, on the other hand, aren't too fond of gore, I would stay clear! There is a lot of it in this book!

Personally I like some gore if it fits with the story, and I think it did in this case. Some of it was quite graphic though, so definitely not one for the squeamish! You have been warned ;)

This story takes place both in the past and present. It jumps a lot in between, which I found to be slightly annoying. But I get that it is to build the tension and show off what a bad creature the Skeleton Man is.

All in all I thought it was a good book, kept reading to find out how it would all turn out in the end! Turns out it's the first book in a series, which I didn't know until I reached the end...

Well worth a read, but I'm not sure I will read the rest in the series....