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I've Fallen and There's a Tentacle in My Butt, Collection

I've Fallen and There's a Tentacle in My Butt, Collection - Edward Naughty ** I read this as a group read with my friends at Weird shit we read on Wednesdays **

I honestly have no words.

So there is this tentacle monster. And it feeds off sexual energy. And if you chop the tentacles off they will carry on hunting. And it has vanilla scented slime that also works as an aphrodisiac (Which btw would earn someone a lot of money if they could manage to collect it and sell it).
And the tentacle likes to anchor themselves in butts. And... I can't even carry on. My brain feels slightly violated.

This comes to mind:


I did get a couple of laughs out of it though, so I guess that's good. Right? Right??

Also, once again, as most Wednesdays: