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Werecake - Rosa Steel Another Weird Wednesday read!

This time we get to meet

To be completely honest, when I think of man and cupcake combined it would probably look something like this


But in this case the cupcake actually turns into a man. Werecake - get it?

It starts of with Chase doing her grocery shopping when she spots this amazing cupcake. It is so amazing that she forgets to buy anything else in her haste to purchase said cupcake and take it home to eat it. And the book had the best description of a cupcake I have ever read..


So she gets home and starts to eat the cupcake.


But after a bite she hears a yelp! She's not able to figure out where it came from so she stops eating the cupcake to save it for the next day. Say what??
Is that even physically possible?

Aaaanyways - she falls asleep and wakes up to a surprise in her kitchen... Cake has turned into man! And somehow she manages to guess what has happened... Not the most logical conclusion maybe?
And her reaction to discovering this werecake in her flat?

Conclusion: This book might be a little weird, but it's not really shit. It gets +1 Star for amazing cupcake descripion, +1 for coming up with the consept of werecakes +1 for being slightly hot but -1 star for minor typos and Chase just guessing the man must be the cupcake...

A semi-successful Wednesday read!